About Us

“Knowledge is power!”

In today's world, knowledge talks. Knowledge that will grant you that edge, that advantage and give you power over the competition. Today, companies the world over are using this realization and transforming knowledge into an asset.
In the pharma and biotech industry, it is even more pronounced. With rapid advancements in technology, to stay ahead of competition, you have to keep abreast of the newest happenings around the world especially in the fields of pharma and biotech manufacturing, as well as research and development. What stays in constant focus is the continuous betterment of the quality of human life, through better drugs, better manufacturing technologies, better research and constant updation of knowledge.
Prescription Pharma Support Pvt. Ltd. today is a result of entrepreneurial vision, Self belief & hardwork of three entrepreneurs, Asha Shetty, Karen Carvalho & Nikhil Nagri.
We at Prescription Pharma Support Pvt. Ltd. (PPS) realize the importance of continuous knowledge as being crucial to the driving force behind any Pharma or biotech Company that needs a global advantage. PPS is your window to the latest trends and technologies that are constantly evolving and being adopted by the leaders in the pharma and biotech industries worldwide.
PPS offers value through the creativity and knowledge of professionals who have a wealth of experience in the industry. Our strength has been our strong networks with experts from all walks of the profession, be it the manufacturing and research industry, allied sectors, academia or the regulatory bodies.


“To become a ONE –STOP SHOP for Pharma training, talent, consultancy and sourcing.”


PPS today is a global consulting firm with THREE main verticals


Our journey has just begun… so welcome aboard and let's get to know each other better.

In a short span of just 10 years, Prescription Pharma Support Pvt. Ltd. has created a niche for itself in Pharma industry and its endeavor is to excel, as one of the highly professional service provider company to the Pharma industry in India & Globally.

Prescription Pharma Support Pvt. Ltd. would like to thank associations like Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), Pharma Institute of GMPs, Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) India Chapter and All India Drug Control Officers Confederation AIDCOC, as well as International bodies such as American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists AAPS, International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers ISPE for giving us an opportunity to prove our mettle.